Monday, 30 November 2015

Engage Because You Deserve Nothing But The Best

ITC’s Engage Deo has has emerged as one of the leading players in the Men’s deodorant category while the people who’ve used it consider Engage deos to be the best deodorant for men in India. But what really does make Engage stand out? Well, the answer can be found in a really vast variety of fragrances Engage has to offer. 


There is a scent for your every mood. Want to make a mark, try the musky fragrance of Awe or simply play it cool with a citrus twist of Frost. Want something a little more bold, then go for Rush or Fuzz. And even when you’re out with your partner, get the mood rolling with Mate or set fire with Urge. Feel free to explore the world with Jump. 

Still need more reasons why Engage is the best deodorant for men in India? How about the fact that that Engage stays on for longer periods of time, making you smell fresh without causing any manner of harm to your skin. Or the fact that it’s easy to use and carry anywhere you wish. Smell fresh, wherever. Whenever. 

Never lag. Never fall behind. Engage makes sure that you always smell the part you aspire for. Because, there is an aroma for you at every step in your life. Embrace it with Engage.