Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Cologne For Men

Break the Monotony With Engage Deos for Women

As a constantly active woman, I’m always on the lookout for better body sprays that can keep up with my hectic schedules. While juggling work, gym, pottery classes, music and anything that turns up at the last moment, I have often felt the need for a deo that not only keeps body odor at bay, but also freshens up my mood. Normally, I’m always hard-pressed for choices as the majority of deos for women are almost indistinguishable in fragrance. Bored of all the predictable deos for women, I decided to give Engage deos a chance. I remember the first time I went to pick one up for myself, I felt so lost at the face of sheer variety. And not just in name, the different scents differed from each other in such vast measures that I just didn’t know which to pick up first. So like any enthusiastic shopper, I took them all. The first thing I noticed about the Engage deos for women was how refreshing they smelled. Let me do justice to them and discuss each fragrance individually-

Best body spray for menAbandon: Abandon is just the thing one needs to smell right at the office. It combines a graceful floral aroma of rose and jasmine with a hint of citrus and orange tones. 

Drizzle: If I had to choose my favourite aroma, I would certainly go with lavender. Nothing beats the rich and sweet smell of lavender. A perfect fragrance to go out for a casual stroll in the mall or by the park. 

Spell: Spell came of as a very pleasant surprise. It’s modern, it’s young and the perfect aroma to tantalize the special someone whom you really want to impress. 

O’wiff: O’wiff is a sophisticated fragrance which very precisely strikes the balance between floral aroma and fruitiness. The woody and amber essence adds a very adventurous edge to the overall scent. 

Tempt: Temp body spray for women is trendy while being rooted in the romantic aroma of rose. The fragrance is fresh, fruity and a relatively strong floral core. It has been my gym bag essential ever since I picked it off the shelf. 

Blush: Blush is all about the perfect aroma to capture the attention of the one whom you adore. The aroma is graceful with a refreshing floral tinge to it. 

Tease: A classic fragrance with an exciting feminine twist. This is probably the best way to describe Tease by Engage. 

Trail: If you’re adventurous and like to travel, there can never be a better companion than the Trail. The fresh apple infusion coupled with strong floral notes help add freshness and vigour to anything you put your heart to.