Tuesday, 10 April 2018

How to Choose Body Spray for Women or Deo for Women

The season is turning its passage and it is relatively hot now. With this turn, most people will sweat a lot depending on their lifestyle and it will cause unpleasant odour breaking their confidence. Women are the ones who are most affected given their lifestyle and daily routines. 

Deodorants prevent bacterial growth through its deodorizing active ingredients and also prevent foul-smelling molecules to remove odour. Deodorant’s mechanism consists of ingredients like antimicrobials and alcohol to kill bacteria, and scents to cut any stench. Deo for women is a thing of everyday use and every woman is highly conscious when it comes to picking her favourite deo. 

Knowing how to pick the best perfume spray or deo for women means understanding the ingredients, lifestyle, and the person one wants to reflect with the scent used.
Based on the smells or ingredients, fragrances are classified into four categories; floral, fresh, oriental, and woody. Each one has a distinctive aroma and appeal. Always mind these features while choosing a
deo for women. 

Here are 5 tips that might be useful while choosing body spray for women.  

1: Orientation: 
As a woman, you may not want the brazenness that a men’s scent provides. However, when deciding which scent you want, always choose multiple variants of your preferred brand. 

2: Application:  
Other distinctions to reflect when choosing a body spray for women are the diverse forms of applications – like whether or not you need a spray, stick, roll-on or gel. 

3: Weather: 
If you live an active lifestyle or live in very hot or humid climates, you need to consider the ingredients it contains and avoid anything that does not compliment your local weather.  

4: Skin 
Everyone has a different skin type. Some people have delicate skin so they should be more cautious while opting and using a deodorant. Choosing a nonirritating antiperspirant for sensitive skin is always safer and advisable.  

5: Ingredients  

Aluminium-based mixtures are the most widely used active antiperspirant ingredient because they temporarily stop moisture movement to the skin by clogging sweat ducts. So read through the ingredients given at the back of the deodorant bottles and see if it suits your skin while deciding the body spray for women. 

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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Using Deodorants In Winters

The general notion regarding deodorants is that they are used only in hot and humid weather condition as that is when we sweat. But how true is it? Are deo's not necessary in winters? Should they be retired in cold weather conditions? No! Deodorants are equally important during winters as they are during summers. What about room heating, metro trains or other local transportation, sports, active or stressful days? Deodorant is not a luxury, it is a daily necessity. It should be as regular in your life as brushing your teeth. The task is finding a good brand.

Engage deodorant for men

ITC’s Personal Care Products division presents ‘couple deodorants’ for the first time in India by the brand name Engage. It comprises a range of captivating fragrances in 16 varieties – 8 for men and 8 for women. With such a wide array of fragrances, you can use a different one on the different days of the week. These enticing Engage deo fragrances can spice up your drab routine life. These also come in attractive packaging of shaped cans with the urban look. Engage for men are designed in smart black with a hint of fluorescent colors. While Engage deodorant for women is designed in bright colors of green, blue, yellow and pink.

Deodorant should be used year-round and not restricted to any one season. It should be a part of your everyday personal hygiene. It doesn’t even cost too much. You can carry it along and touch up whenever required.

Deo For Men & Women

Engage deodorant for men are created to cater to different personalities and moods. The range for men has a contemporary fragrance called Jump for the modern man, an elegant one by the name Fuzz, a masculine fragrance called Mate for the passionate man, an aromatic deo spray called Awe for the active man, an all-day refresher by the name Frost, a cool fragrance with mint called Intensity for the stylish, another called Rush for the bold and Engage deo spray Urge for the playful man. The range for women consists of a feminine and floral fragrance called Trail for the woman of substance, another one by the name Blush for the glamorous woman, a sophisticated fragrance called O’Whiff for the adventurous, Engage deo Drizzle with lavender for the contemporary woman, a graceful fragrance called Abandon for poise and charm, Spell for the sensual woman, a romantic fragrance by the name Tempt for evening wear and another deo spray called Tease for the flirtatious one.

Try these bodylicious Engage deodorants this winter and make it sizzling with their enticing fragrances.