Thursday, 28 January 2016

A Complete Guide to Engage Deos For Men

The way you smell means a lot more to others than it might do to you. What matters the most is that you smell right and you smell fresh. Body spray for men are your best bet, because they’re versatile and go along with all types of scenario, occasion and mood. Engage deos are the best body sprays available in the market currently, owing to their huge variety. And more than just variety, what matters the most is how starkly different yet amazing the fragrance feel on you. So here’s a quick guide to Engage deo for men-

Awe: Make a lasting impression with the aromatic and masculine fragrance. The green top notes will help you feel fresh while the woody base notes help add that tinge of bravado. 

Frost: A mellow fragrance which helps you feel fresh all throughout the day, Frost offers a sensual aroma with the right touch of citrus notes. 

Mate: This traditional masculine fragrance will help you immerse yourself in the playful chemistry between you and your special someone as she gets lost in the comforting aroma of your scent. 

cologne spray

Intensity: Be flamboyant, be awesome with a dash of mint and citrus. The soft floral notes help you lock your freshness within you so that you’re seen smiling all day long. 

Fuzz: Fuzz strikes the perfect balance between the fresh green aroma with the woody and masculine scent of confidence. Wear this to work and your day will never be the same again. 

Rush: Engage rush does exactly what it sounds like. The bold and modern notes helps engergize you to take on newer adventures head-on. 

Urge: Perfect for the first date, tantalize her senses with a mild yet captivating aroma. With Engage Urge, your chemistry will never be the same again. 

Jump: An adventurous day calls forth an adventurous you. Feel alive and jump with the citrus and lavender aroma which strikes a delicate balance with a deep and classic fragrance of the quintessential urban man. 

With such a wide offering from Engage, you will never have to smell bad again. Go ahead, engage!

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Choosing a Best Deodorant For an Occasion

Men put as little as no effort when it comes to choosing a deodorant. But if there ever was a man’s best friend, it would hands down be a deodorant. Deodorants for men do a lot more than just help you smell better, it refreshes you and renews your confidence. So as men, it’s always important to keep a deo body spray with you at all times. But how do you pair the right deodorant with an occasion? Engage offers a huge variety of deo body sprays for men, helping you put your best foot forward. 

Check out for yourself: A Job Interview
A job interview can be an intense environment to be in, so what you need is a combination of a fragrance that is subtle but at the same time carries the refreshing properties of mint or citrus. As interviews often happen in closed spaces, make sure that you don’t use enough to clog your interviewer’s nose. 

The Workplace
In the workplace, choose your deodorant which speaks volumes of your confidence and personality. Go for fresh, aromatic tones and a woody masculine base to bring out the best in you in front of your colleagues. 


Gym is the place you voluntarily opt to sweat it out. Hence, a fresh smelling deo body spray is a must. Select a deo body spray which has a fruity freshness tinge to it along with those masculine woody undertones. 

Casual Days
Casual days are different from work days because being casual is all about being you. Go to the mall, or hang out with friends, but smelling right is a must. Go for a deo body spray which combines a punchy and citrus smell with something elevating like a lavender or wood. 

Night Out
On a night out, the right deo can do wonders for your chemistry with the special someone. All you need to remember is to avoid strong fragrances. Opt for comforting and woody scent with a little woody undertone and watch as your night comes to life. 

Wedding Ceremonies
Weddings offer a perfect excuse to smell your flamboyant and elegant self. The right fragrance can set you apart from the crowd, in a good way of course. Choose a deo body spray which is intense, musky and is refreshing at the same time.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

ITC Engage - Irresistible Deos For Women

Engage offers a collection of irresistible deos for women that can get the chemistry between you and your partner to sizzle. Choose the one that matches with your persona and cast the spell of love on your partner. 

Enticing and playful: Tease 
Add some mystery and intrigue to your regular life with Tease body spray for women, a feminine interpretation of a classic fragrance. Let this be your chance to tease him like never before.
Graceful and glamorous: Blush 
Blush is the deo for women who are graceful and glamorous. Spray it on and stun him with your charm. 

Charming and sexy: Tempt 
Unleash your irresistible self with this rose entwined romantic body spray for women. It has a fresh, fruity sparkle to go with its floral core, and sweet oriental notes provide strength and modernity. 

Sophisticated and edgy: O'Whiff 

Transform your surroundings into a stage set for romance with this sophisticated body spray for women. It is a delight for senses and has a blend of fruitiness and floral essence. 

Mischievous and bubbly: Spell 
Cast your spell and tempt him with all your charm with Spell, the all new deo for women by Engage. 

Contemporary and delicate: Drizzle 
It’s a rich lavender body spray for women who are contemporary and soft. Its fresh aromatic top notes resemble the luxury and comfort that you aspire. 

Charismatic and strong: Abandon 
This is the deo for women of poise and enviable strength. Add the whiff of your confidence to your attire and let it speak for you. Now that you have the secret to a playful chemistry, go on and experiment.