Sunday, 13 December 2015

Engage Deo for Men - Made Easy

What does a fitness-freak, a workaholic, a party animal and a corporate alpha have in common? Bad odour. Today’s hectic lifestyle is marred by busy schedules and especially for men whose sweat glands are constantly working round the clock which leads to offensive stench emanating from your body. The simple solution is to have a bath regularly, say every 4 hours. But is it really practical? The answer, as most of you will agree is a big NO. So the alternative is, invest in a good deodorant, or more commonly called as a deo, which not just hides the bad body odour but also keeps it at bay. 

But then how do you know which deo to choose from a plethora of options already available? The worst thing you can do is walk into a store and pick the first deodorant that you lay your eyes on. It’s not the first deodorant that you should be looking for, but rather the best. 

The good news is that the “Deo for Men” category is being taken much more seriously now leading to many brands foraying into men’s grooming niche. And hence, we see a rising trend of deo spray. 

Here are a few simple tips to help you decide: 
Deodorant for men
Know what your body wants: 
The human body is a complicated instrument. And as no two men are alike, so shouldn’t their deos be. Pick a deo spray which is natural. Chemicals are a big NO. Secondly, keep your lifestyle in mind while choosing a deo spray. Choose a longer lasting deo and always carry it with you. 

Pick your scent: 
Know thyself. Choose a fragrance which not only suits you but also compliments your personality. A mismatched fragrance is exactly like a pair of trousers which don’t go with your shirt. Both will make you feel out of place. So choose wisely and smell well. 

Know what to smell when: 
Deo sprays don’t play by the rule, “pick one, spray anywhere”. Don’t wear the same fragrance everywhere. Remember, a deo is meant to compliment you and not become your shadow. Have an element of surprise up your sleeve. 

So always keep in mind these simple rules while buying a deo for men and you’ll never go wrong.
But what about those who really don’t have the time to experiment with fragrances and brands? Well, you’re in luck too. In my latest excursions, I came across Engage deos for men and haven’t thought of drifting away since. With fragrances like Awe, Mate, intensity etc. Engage deos fit perfectly in every possible occasion you can think for. So, if you’re hard-pressed for time and want to a sure-shot solution to your odour problems, then I would seriously recommend giving Engage deos a try.

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