Sunday, 20 December 2015

How to choose The Best Deodorant For Men

ITC Engage has a wide range of deo body sprays to choose from. But don’t worry. You won’t have to break into sweat deciding which deo body spray is perfect for you. We will help you in finding the best one for you, based on your personality traits. 

Confident and expressive: Awe 
If poise and an active lifestyle define you, then this fresh, aromatic deo body spray is the right choice for you. Its green top notes provide freshness and the woody masculine base notes spread the whiff of your confidence. 

Sensual and calm: Frost 
You are as deep as an ocean and your calm disposition can change into a storm when needed. Ride on the waves of your sensuality with the citrus fragrance of ‘Frost’. It adds a fresh feel and a sparkling aromatic woody allure. 

Passionate and volatile: Mate 
If you crave for intimacy in a relationship and like to bring alive the playful chemistry, then this is a timeless masculine fragrance that is sure to get her tempted. 


Stylish and instinctive: Intensity 
If you are famed for setting trends in your group and your friends look up to you for your naturally charming ways, then this is the fragrance that can channel your flair into the passion that you crave for in a relationship. 

Focused and determined: Fuzz 
You know how to distinguish between your personal and professional life. You have a goal and your eyes are set on it. But at the same time, you know how to treat the leading lady of your life. ‘Fuzz’ creates a vivid mood with its robust aroma to go with your dedicated attention. 

Modern and strong: Rush 
You are an urban man with a broad mind. You are bold and like to take the lead. Rush helps you stay on the top of your game by giving you a fragrance just as fresh and strong as you. 

Gently and fierce: Urge 
Your gentle care and fierce passion know how to co-exist, and beautifully so. ‘Urge’ is a deodorant for men like you. It compliments your warmth and passion equally. 

Warm and classy: Jump 
Your genuine warmth can make a woman go weak in the knees and your classiness just makes sure that she is smitten. Jump is a deodorant for men just like you.

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