Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Best Cologne and Deodorant for Men

What all do you check while getting ready for any occasion? Your face, hair, your clothes and shoes? That’s it? And what about the scent? Yes, you cannot miss how you smell while preparing for any occasion. A person’s scent is an invisible part of their individual style. People will remember and perceive you by your characteristic smell.

Fragrances are no longer just used only to hide bad body odour, they are now being used to mark a person’s identity. They portray one’s aesthetic sense and also enhance their appearance. With this view, Engage presents a range of our best cologne for men.

A very important thing you should keep in mind while buying a fragrance is that one particular fragrance doesn’t fit all. Every individual has a different choice. You should go for one that matches your natural body odour and personality. Also, different occasions need different fragrances, just the way you have different outfits. What you wear during the day cannot be the same as what you do in the evening. Daily wear should smell subtle while party wear should be strong. A romantic dinner date needs a sensual fragrance whereas office wear needs something refreshing.

cologne spray
Engage colognes are the best cologne for men and come in fragrances that suit every style and occasion. They have higher fragrance dosage and 0% gas, making them more long lasting. These colognes are of four varieties labeled as XX1, XX2, XX3 and XX4.

Besides these enticing colognes, Engage also has a wide range of deodorant for men to choose from. There are 8 bodylicious, fresh and captivating Engage deodorants.
  1. Awe – a masculine and aromatic fragrance with fresh top notes and masculine base for an active and confident man.
  2. Frost – a sensual deo spray with the freshness of citrus to keep you fresh all day.
  3. Mate –as the name suggests, it is an everlasting masculine fragrance for the playful mood to keep alive the intimate moment.
  4. Intensity – a soft and cool fragrance with a concoction of citrus, mint and floral notes for a stylish man.
  5. Fuzz – an elegant fragrance that marks determination and the will to succeed and can please anyone.
  6. Rush – this deo is sure to give you an adrenaline rush every day.
  7. Urge – a deodorant for men that will gently urge your partner into indulgence.
  8. Jump – a stylish fragrance with a mix of citrus, lavender and wood for a contemporary man.

There’s one for everyone and every occasion with a promise of 24 hour stay. Grab yours now!