Monday, 20 November 2017

Perfume Spray and Cologne for Men

The use of fragrance goes long back in the history. Over the years, it has only evolved. Once it was considered only a luxury. However, fragrances have become more of a necessity now. Besides masking the body odour they have a number of other benefits. Engage offers a variety of fragrances in the form of perfume sprays and cologne for men that are sure to provide you these benefits.

1. Signature Style

The first and foremost advantage of a fragrance is that it creates one’s personal identity. Your characteristic smell is how people perceive and remember you. The perfume sprays by Engage can help you to create your signature style.

2. Enhances Confidence

A good scent enhances your confidence and makes you feel attractive. Your smart outfit, shoes, and hairstyle are not enough when you are stepping out of your house. A nice fragrance enables you to strike a good and lasting impression, especially on the opposite sex. Engage colognes for men are created for exactly this reason.

Engage Cologne Spray
3. Aromatherapy

Essential oils and aroma compounds are used as an alternative medicine for relaxation. Fragrances help in concentration during meditation. Likewise, aroma oils and aroma candles are used in spas and massages for calmness and rejuvenation.

4. Activates Memory

Out of our five senses, the sense of smell is the strongest. And it has the strongest effect on our memory. A fragrance can help you in memorizing information. Try memorizing a piece of information while smelling an incense stick. The same aroma can make you recall that information later.

5. Improves Health Holistically

Fragrances are known to get the mind, body and soul connected. They help in lifting up the mood. There is some interconnection between our olfaction and emotion. Therefore, fragrances help in curing depression, headache, insomnia etc.

Perfume Spray
Engage perfume spray are crafted by international experts. They come in 4 varieties packed in attractive transparent bottles.

M1 is a romantic fragrance made of lavender. 
M2 is a fragrance with the freshness of citrus. 
M3 is a masculine blend of mint, wood, lavender and lime. 
M4 is a perfume spray with a mix of lemon, orange, and wood for the adventurous man.

You can also pick from the range of colognes for men by Engage. These have higher fragrance dosage and no gas, promising long-lasting freshness. These exquisite colognes are named XX1, XX2, XX3 and XX4.

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